What We Do


  • Assisting over 379 women and impacting the lives of over 801 children
  • Working with over 100 Human Service agencies
  • Serving over 50 neighborhoods in SW PA

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We seek to assist minority women in their efforts for Self-Sufficiency.

The Mission:
The Bartko Foundation is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to invest in the self-sufficiency of single minority mothers.

The Purpose:
Our purpose is to assist these women in achieving goals they have set for themselves and to help them continue positive progress in their life’s journey. We generally focus our support on goals related to education, transportation, housing and employment.

We believe these areas have the most profound impact in the lives of our recipients and, therefore, our investments. We seek to help these individuals reinforce their own sense of accomplishment with their self-sufficiency goals.

The How:
Desiring not to duplicate efforts, the Bartko Foundation partners with others to find and fund eligible applicants. Our partners are sponsoring agencies and organizations that work with women whose needs may “fall through the cracks,” sidetracking them from becoming self-sufficient.

The sponsoring agency or person aids the applicant with completing an application and telling her story. Successful applicants are those who are participating or have participated in one of the sponsor’s programs and who are taking active steps in their journey to self-sufficiency.