Success Stories

I just wanted to share my mommy moment of reflection with you all. Thank you all for support in providing housing assistance to me and my child. Since moving into our home 4 years ago, we have been able to capture so many memories. Because of your support, we are able to continue to live our dream. Thank you again for your support and continued assistance you provide to minority mothers.”

According to the Pennsylvania Self-Sufficiency Standard, a Pittsburgh family of one adult, infant and preschooler needs $49,504 annually without public or private assistance to be considered self-sufficient. With an average income of $36,726 for all full-time employment in Pittsburgh, we know 4 out of 10 families headed by single mothers in Pittsburgh live in poverty. Additionally, the US Census indicates that in our area, over 80% of African American women who have babies are unmarried. Families headed by unmarried women, particularly those with preschool children, are far more likely to be poor because of the difficulty of working or finishing school while raising a small child.

Over coming these odds is a challenge, but the Bartko Foundation has been fortunate to witness amazing women achieving their self-determined goals. To read these stories click here.

These amazing women and the Bartko Foundation do not work in isolation. We are grateful for the many community based social service organizations who first hear their stories. We recognize the agencies’ efforts in connecting women to the foundation and assisting with the grant application. Learn more about these organizations by clicking here.