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Have you ever struggled financially or had a financial setback? For many of us this might mean that we are have to decide whether or not to take our annual vacation or cause us to cut back on the number of times we are able go out to dinner.

However, for the women supported by the Bartko Foundation, financial setbacks force other types of decisions, decisions that can end dreams. Many times the choice is between:

  • completing college or using funds saved for books to buy children’s school clothes
  • buying food for the week or repairing a car
  • paying rent in an unsafe neighborhood or building equity
  • a full time job or a part time job because it’s on the bus line

Please support our efforts so that we may continue to assist single minority mothers in achieving hard-sought goals and fulfill life-long dreams...dreams that carry them and their children into a future of hope, prosperity, and continued success.

Please note: We are now a United Way Contributor Choice Agency. Our donor code number is 12820627.

Thank you for your contribution!